Moto3: Tatsuki Suzuki on top going into Qualifying

Published on June 26, 2021
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Tatsuki Suzuki holds top spot from yesterday with Darryn Binder hot on his heels after a drama filled FP3.
Dry conditions with the chance of rain at the start of the session so the riders were eager to get on the track to try and improve yesterday’s lap times.

Before the weekend even started, CarXpert PrustelGP rider, Ryusei Yamanaka was given a long-lap penalty for irresponsible riding back at the Sachsenring, after taking out Romano Fenati and Stefano Nepa.

Sterilgarda Max Racing duo Romano Fenati and Adrian Fernandez have both been given double long-lap penalties after their “irresponsible behaviour” in FP2 yesterday. There was a lot of arm-waving and pushing each other wide to the edge of the track but without contact. It looked like Fenati was angry at Fernandez but nobody really knows.
Takuma Matsuyama has also been given a long lap penalty after dawdling on the racing line yesterday. He was very slow into Turn 9 and forced Izan Guevara to run off the circuit, taking avoiding action.

Tatsuki Suzuki was fastest yesterday despite having quite a big crash. He had another crash early on today at Turn 7, which was the same corner as yesterday. He lost the front at high speed and skittled off into the gravel.
Jaume Masia had a big crash at Turn 9 yesterday. He had another crash at the same corner but this time lost the front and slid off into the gravel. He looked to lock the rear wheel which caused the front to tuck. He got his bike back to the pits and looked unharmed.
The first improver today was Sergio Garcia. He set a time to get him into the Top 14 with 16 minutes to go. His rookie team-mate Izan Guevara had a big moment whilst pushing, but managed to keep his composure and keep going.
Indonesian, Andi Farid Izdahar had a crash at the final chicane. He tucked the front on entry and skated off into the gravel. He got up and remounted with the help of the marshals.
Darryn Binder had a crash at Turn 7 with 13 minutes of the session to go. He was back on his feet quite quickly, making sure his arms were intact. He managed to ride back to the pits via the access roads at the side of the track. He was sat in his pit box and there was visible blood from the mouth area, but he seemed to be OK.
With 10 minutes of the FP3 session remaining, there was no change at the top of the timing sheets. It seemed to be tricky to get a quick lap in.
The field exited the pitlane with less than 2 minutes to go to try and get their fastest laps in. Gaviota GASGAS Aspar pairing Izan Guevara and Sergio Garcia were out on track lots earlier than the rest to get track position and set their respective laps on their own.
Binder, Foggia and Migno – along with a few others – all took the chequered flag before they set their fast laps due to not leaving pitlane early enough.

Deniz Oncu managed to get himself up into the Q2 positions. Gabriel Rodrigo crashed after he took the chequered flag at Turn 2.

John McPhee managed to get over the line in 8th after Jeremy Alcoba made an unnecessary move into the last chicane, going round the outside and completely messing McPhee’s line up into the final corner. Behind this mini-battle, chaos ensued.

As the train of riders exited the final chicane four riders went down onto the start/finish straight. Pedro Acosta, Ricardo Rossi, Stefano Nepa and Ryusei Yamanaka all tangled and everybody went down. Acosta lost the front and Rossi ran over him as he was sliding stricken across the track. He took a while to get up, but Stefano Nepa stayed down on the track. Nervous scenes as we saw the medical staff around him but after a couple of minutes, he was seen sitting up and taking his gloves off.

Tatsuki Suzuki holds top spot from yesterday with Darryn Binder in 2nd and Dennis Foggia in 3rd. Romano Fenati was in 4th followed by Andrea Migno and Sergio Garcia. Pedro Acosta again squeezed through in 14th, with his team-mate Jaume Masia in 15th and in Q1.

Featured image: MotoGP


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