Jeremy Alcoba on Pole as Pedro Acosta sits in Hospital

Published on July 7, 2021
By Admin

Jeremy Alcoba sets a sensational time with the perfect slipstream from Dennis Foggia to get pole position in Assen. Pedro Acosta has been declared unfit due to an Upper Back Injury caused by his accident this morning

The rain held off for the start of Q1 but clouds were forming above the Assen circuit.
Absentees from the session were Stefano Nepa and Stefano Nepa due to the earlier crash with Pedro Acosta. They were taken to hospital. Pedro Acosta has subsequently been declared unfit due to an upper back injury.
The first crasher of the session was Rivacold Snipers’ new rider – youngster Alberto Surra. He replaced Filip Salac earlier this week, as he exited the team to join the PrustelGP camp. Surra had a big high-side between turns 7 and 8. He received a bit of a whack from the bike but got up to push his bike out of harm’s way.
The early pace for the session was set by Jaume Masia with Xavi Artigas, Lorenzo Fellon and Joel Kelso after the first set of flyers.
Izan Guevara went out on his own to set a decent lap to squeeze into 4th before the rest of the field exited the pits onto the track.
The second set of flyers…didn’t happen. The majority of the field didn’t make it across the line before the chequered flag in another mis-calculation of time. So, the Top 4 to go through to Q2 was Masia, Artigas, Fellon and Guevara.
Q2 started, still dry, without the games of waiting around in pitlane. The Gaviota GASGAS pairing of Segio Garcia and Izan Guevara looked to be doing it on their own this weekend as they kept away from the pack.
John McPhee set the early pace in Q2 but Jaume Masia, Niccolo Antonelli and Darryn Binder were having none of it. They were riding round in a very quick trio but Binder tripped up Masia into the final chicane. Binder lost his lap and Masia lost time.
Gabriel Rodrigo had the mother of all front-end saves, completely flat-out into the lightning quick Turn 15. He dug in his knee and elbow to run-off over the kerb and rolled down pitlane in a very cool manner.
Jeremy Alcoba went to the top with 6 minutes to go with Kaito Toba behind him. All riders were in the pits with 4 minutes to go in the session. Andrea Migno did his own thing and went out on his own to try and get an undisturbed lap in. Sergio Garcia did the same but looked incredibly quick on his own and went top after his flying lap by a massive 0.335 seconds.
With 2 minutes to go the rest of the pack came out onto track. Double long-lap penalty holder Romano Fenati was the first to outdo Sergio Garcia on his flying lap. Jeremy Alcoba looked incredibly quick but looked to be caught bhind Dennis Foggia but in fact got the perfect slipstream to get pole position for tomorrow’s race, providing he is not given a penalty for his antics in FP3 this morning with John McPhee.
Romano Fenati ended up 2nd on the grid with Dennis Foggia joining him on the front row in 3rd. Sergio Garcia, Kaito Toba and Gabriel Rodrigo completed Row Two. Niccolo Antonelli was 7th with Darryn Binder in 8th and the improving rookie Xavi Artigas in 9th. Jaume Masia rounds out the Top 10 with John McPhee in 11th.
With Pedro Acosta seemingly out this weekend with a back injury, this is a chance for the championship to close up on the very impressive rookie. It is incredibly unfortunate for the Spaniard but there is a chance he will be back tomorrow.


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