WSBK: Scott Redding Wins the Superpole Sprint Race in Navarra

Published on August 22, 2021
By Jack Hammersley

Scott Redding takes his first Superpole Sprint Race victory of the season

It was 20 degrees cooler in the track temperature compared to Race One yesterday meaning that there should be more grip on the track.

Johnathan Rea got a great launch off the line but it was Scott Redding who used the power of the Ducati to take the holeshot into turn one, Rea was second and Toprak was third from eighth. It was a reversal of tyres for Redding and Rea with Scott using the soft front, where as Rea was using the hard front tyre.

Nozane had a great start and was right behind Tom Sykes in seventh. It was a big battle at the front, Rea making his way through on Redding in turn eight and Redding fought back into turn nine but Johnny held it around the outside and used Redding to go a bit wide allowing Toprak through into second.

Onto lap three Toprak passed Rea into turn one, but Rea took him back into turn two causing Toprak to go wide and Redding went back into second. Scott then took the lead at turn one on lap four. Alex Lowes was able to get into fourth place as he made his move on Locatelli, but Locatelli was able to make his way back through.

With four lap to go Redding was pulling a gap over Rea having a 0.7 second lead over the six time World Champion and Toprak was behind Rea at a similar gap.

With one lap to go Rea was right on the back of Redding, Redding was able to pull away on the start finish straight, but Rea was starting to gain ground on the Ducati through the corners but it wasn’t enough as Scott Redding took his first sprint race victory of the season as Johnathan Rea with a hand in the air out of the last corner in second, Toprak finished to take another third place and that could prove crucial for Race Two later on.

Andrea Locatelli finished in fourth, Alex Lowes in fifth and Tom Sykes would admitted he knew nothing about the Scott Redding BMW signing finished in sixth. Chaz Davies finished in seventh, Michael Van Der Mark was eighth with Garrett Gerloff taking the last points paying positions in ninth.

Who will take the win in Race Two at 14:00 (GMT+2)?

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