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BTC: Harrison Mackay: “My main aim is MotoGP, if I can get there, I’d happily be in Superbikes as well”

Published on May 25, 2023
By Dawn Hammersley

Wilson Racing’s Harrison Mackay took time out to speak to us after Qualifying at Donington Park.

We caught up with Harrison Mackay prior to Race One on Saturday, we chatted about his aims for his future in motorcycle racing.

Were you pleased how Round One went?

Yes kind of, it could have been better, definitely FP1 was a good practice session and it was dry which was good, I wanted to be a little bit further up the group around tenth or eleventh, my aim for this season is top ten so it could of been better. The races in general were alright, I was at the back of the front pack, I wanted to be further up but I had some good battles so yes it wasn’t too a bad a round on the whole.

Which circuit do you feel you will get your best result at?

I like Oulton Park, I feel confident about Oulton Park and I think Thruxton will be a good one for me too this season.

How many seasons have you been racing in the British Talent Cup?

This is my third season racing in the British Talent Cup, it’s my second consecutive season with Wilson Racing.

What class would you like to move-up to when your age allows it?

Obviously I’d like to go to Superbikes, but at 16 years of age I can be in Superstock 600, so once I’m 16 I will probably go into Junior Superstock, my main aim is MotoGP, if I can get there, I’d happily be in Superbikes as well, it’s a good class to be in.

Do you like the British MotoGP Talent Cup Round and does it feel different to a normal round?

Yes I love it, it feels a lot different to a normal round, there is a much bigger crowd, it’s a complely different atmosphere, it’s really good.

If you were taking part in a Superpole lap what would your choice of song be?

I don’t know, I don’t really listen to music, very rarely do I listen to music, you’ve got Sullivan in the corner with his head phones on always listening to music, I sit here all quiet.

Harrison had two solid races over the weekend at Donington Park, finishing inside the top ten in Race Two, he is currently in 13th place in the championship standings.

Featured Images: Olithephoto.


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