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BTC: Harley McCabe: “Silverstone GP is probably my best track, last year I was doing great, and I found a lot of confidence there”.

Published on June 3, 2023
By Dawn Hammersley

Harley McCabe is settling in to the 2023 R&G British Talent Cup championship.

Harley McCabe is riding for his own team this season, he had a bit of a hectic start to proceedings but it’s all coming together now for the Halifax based rider.

What do you do when it’s the off season?
I just kept training as hard as I usually do, we spent quite a lot of time in Spain riding around different tracks. I like to keep active as much as I can.

What’s it like being part of your own team compared to riding for VisionTrack?
There are some positives but there are some negatives because it’s like starting on a base at every track, but we just work from what we have got, it’s going alright, we got some good points at Silverstone, so it’s going ok.

Were you happy how Round One went?
I was but, it annoyed me a bit that the Red Flag came out as I think I could have done better but other than that yes it was alright.

Which do feel is your strongest circuit?
Silverstone GP is probably my best track, last year I was doing great, and I found a lot of confidence there, it makes you feel so much faster being part of the British GP, it’s so much better.

You spent a lot of time training in Spain pre-season, are the Spanish circuits good to ride around compared to the British circuits?
They are but a few of the tracks are completely different because in Spain they are faster and flowing, over in England they are tighter, Silverstone is quite similar but other than that they are quite different.

If you could do a Superpole lap what would your choice of music be?
I don’t know I’d probably have to get my dad to choose one, I don’t know what I’d choose, I don’t really listen to music I’m training all the time.

Harley went on to take his first podium finish in Race Two at Donington Park, finishing the race in third position. He is currently in third place in the championship standings.

Featured Images: Olithephoto.


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