Tommy Bridewell Re-Signs with Oxford Products Racing Ducati for the 2021 Bennetts British Superbike Season

Published on November 25, 2020
By Dawn Hammersley

Tommy Bridewell remains with the Winchester-based Oxford Products Racing Ducati Team for his third consecutive season.

Wiltshire rider Tommy Bridewell is pursuing his championship title hunt with The Oxford Products Racing Team for another season, having being with the team for the past two and a half seasons. He joined the Ducati Team halfway through the 2018 season, since then the 33-year-old has achieved two race wins and a further 24 podiums. Tommy’s best season was back in 2019 when he finished the season in third place of the championship.

The Moto Rapido Racing Team announced earlier this week that they have agreed another two-year sponsorship deal with Oxford Products. Moto Rapido Racing Team’s owner Steve Moore is delighted with the two-year deal and it’s the best thing to come from 2020! With it being a two-year deal it shows Oxford Products dedication and commitment to the team.

Tommy Bridewell – Oxford Products Racing Ducati

The decision to stay with Moto Rapido Racing with Oxford Products was simple for me – the Ducati V4R is the best bike and I believe in the team and the crew. Previously throughout my career I jumped between bikes and teams after each season and never found a comfortable position, but since joining Moto Rapido I feel at home and I am happy in the team environment and this is how you get the best out of me

Team Owner Steve Moore is delighted to have Tommy riding the V4R Ducati again for their third year working together, even though he didn’t expect this to be the case when they were thrown together back in 2018. Tommy was the first rider choice for the 2020 season, so all the team and sponsors are thrilled.

Team Owner – Steve Moore

After a fantastic 2019 the team worked perfectly and I’m very pleased to say after the much more challenging 2020 we are still here. The test of a team is when it is hard, not when it is easy and we are stronger than ever. Securing Tommy for 2021 means that we have everything we need – everything we have learnt from the last two seasons with the V4R is so valuable when you can keep the same rider. I’m really looking forward to getting back on the podium in front of our fans.

Featured Image: Bennetts British Superbike


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